Battleground Earth

BATTLEGROUND EARTH (Download PDF - BATTLEGROUND EARTH) The human journey through time is now reaching a climax. People the world over feel it. Many are anxious and fearful. Some extremists from many different religious and ideological persuasions are pushing for it. They believe God is orchestrating end time events toward an unavoidable catastrophe for the human race. Misguided zealots seem bent upon forcing monumental clashes amongst mankind: east against west, developed nations against the third world, religion against religion. Level headed, more rational people seek to calm frayed nerves and keep the antagonists…continue reading →

What Do You Mean, Tribulation?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, TRIBULATION? (Download PDF - WHAT DO YOU MEAN TRIBULATION) Tribulation…very few words conjure up more fear, anxiety and dread of what the future holds. This issue of the Digest will boldly dig into God’s thoughts regarding tribulation. Set aside preconceived notions as we study God’s thoughts on this subject. Let God explain from His word, the Bible, what the tribulation is and what He expects of us as we go through it. The word “tribulation” is used 26 times in the Bible: four times in the Old Testament and…continue reading →